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Zlate Stranky Layar Launches in Czech Republic

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FINGER-64x64We are proud to announce the launch of the first of several Layars we have created for European Directories went live on Thursday for Zlate Stranky in the Czech Republic.

A press conference at 9am officially marked the launch with a number of Prague’s jounalists in attendence. The app has been positively received and covered in several online reviews. Here’s a great video demonstration (in Czech) by with a feature testing the application “in the wild”:

European Directories Group VP of Mobile, Carey Bunks, said the following:

AugmentReality developed several layers for European Directories, and I am very pleased with the quality of the work delivered, as well as impressed by their very professional level of customer service. I can highly recommend AugmentReality to any company considering the development of a Layar layer.

AR Lab#02: Augmented Reality Autos

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AR Lab#02: Augmented Reality Autos

“From Our AR Lab”





Every now and then we do stuff in testing that will never see the light of day….. that is, until now.


Placing a 3D version of a new car in Augmented Reality is now possible with Layar. Couple this with an audio and video tour and you’ve got a great tool for selling autos. This is an early concept – the positioning and altitude issues seen in the screenshots can easily be ironed out in a production version.

Lab#01: From our AR Lab

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Every now and then we do stuff in testing that will never see the light of day.. that is, until now.
The new “lab” category of this blog will showcase these tests.

Every now and then we do stuff in testing that will never see the light of day….. that is, until now.

The new “AR lab” category of this blog will show you some screenshots of our concepts… and, maybe if there’s sufficient demand to produce it, we will.

LAB01 – The Burj Khalifa in Dubai

This is a 1:1 scale 3D model (860 meters high) of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai shown in augmented reality. The first screenshot (below) is taken 558 meters away from it.  If you walked towards it,  the true scale of this super-scraper would become clear

AR Burj Khalifa in Dubai

here it is from a little nearer:

Burj Khalifa from 72 meters

And looking up:


We have been exploring the possibilities of placing 3D models of new buildings on top of their construction site, it’s possible right now! Contact us now if you would like to discuss your AR building concept.

Update 10th January 2009:

Some improved screenshots:



Why Invest in mobile Augmented Reality?

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The media are all abuzz with articles and information on augmented reality. Businesses large and small are asking themselves whether they need to have an AR presence and are busily trying to figure out how to fit AR into their marketing plans. Is it worth investing time and money into this burgeoning technology? Here are some of the benefits:

Strengthen your brand: Early adopters are enjoying masses of free publicity

197 million augmented reality-capable smartphones set to be in the global market by 2012,  91 million in 2010

Become a pioneer in what could potentially be the next paradigm shift in technology

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Connect in an exciting new way with consumers

Target a new audience offers you the opportunity to enter the AR space quickly and efficiently. By launching a Layar you can tap into an expanding global user-base of hundreds of thousands of smartphone users. Contact us today to discuss your project.