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Augmented Reality Games

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Augmented Reality Games: There’s been plenty of them in the mobile space and both Sony & Nintendo implemented AR features into the Vita and 3DS respectively. However, the AR gaming industry is still yet to gain any real traction. I dare to say this is often because the developers making AR games are using AR as a sales hook for an otherwise mediocre title.  Most of the time there is no real reason to include reality in a game. Its annoying for the player to have to print out a marker, and it makes no difference to the gameplay or story that I can see sprites on my coffee table or desk.

This great video by gives a good oversight as to what they are, whats wrong with them and why.  Anyone developing an AR game should be paying close attention to this video.

Penny Arcade – Extra Credits – ARGs (part 2)Season 4, Ep. 13 – ARGs (part 2) Next Episode " " Previous Episode Episode Notes This week, we conclude our discussion on ARGs, this time with Augmented Reality Games. Come discuss this topic in the forums! Like the music? Download the outro music here!





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