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Exile on Your Street: The Rolling Stones Augmented Reality App for iPhone and Android

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From the maker of The Beatles Augmented Reality application comes Exile on Your Street – an app that lets Rolling Stones fans mythologize the band in augmented reality. With the app, which works on iPhone 3Gs and Google Android phones, Stones fans will able to fly-post their streets, homes or offices with virtual interactive posters of the rock icons.

The app is the first of its kind in the world and was built by Howard Ogden of Augment Reality in conjunction with Polydor Records to celebrate the succe­­ss of the recently re-released Stones’ masterpiece Exile on Main St.

Using their phones, people with the app will be able to ‘stick’ virtual posters to the places they pass. Attached to the posters they can add a comment, one of 28 tracks from the double album and a short video clip of the band. Friends or passers-by with the app will be able to look through their phone screens and see all the posters left by other users within a 2km radius. They can then listen to the tracks stuck to the posters, watch the video, comment on other people’s posters and leave their own.

The Rolling Stones app opens a unique window on the world and creates a new way to experience the legendary songs. Through the screen of the phone, ordinary streets become galleries of rock photos and the ability to anchor songs to places makes journeys into spatial mixtapes where new songs are activated as you or your friend walk past certain points.

Exile on Your Street is also available as a website and Facebook app which will let you leave posters for your friends anywhere in the world – using a map to drop the posters and songs where you want them.

The 18 posters available come from a selection of photographs taken by Dominic Tarlé during the Stones’ stay in Nellcôte, France in the early 1970s, when they recorded Exile on Main Street. The video clip is from the DVD available with the re-released album.

To download the app you need a smartphone with the Augmented Reality browser Layar installed – available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and Google Android phones.


About Augmented Reality: augmented reality mixes virtual computer-generated content with reality; for example when images of the real world are overlaid with virtual images. The computer-generated content can be pegged to particular locations and made to interact with the real world.

About Layar: Layar is a platform available on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and Google Android phones which allows developers to build apps using augmented reality.

About Howard Ogden and Augment Reality: Augment Reality is a company set up by Howard Ogden to create apps for Layar, it has been behind several of the most high-profile Augmented Reality apps to date including the Beatles AR app released in December 2009, Find a Property  and Dubai Metro.


Exile on Your Street will available for free  on Layar, Facebook and the web  from 18:00 GMT Friday, 25 June



Facebook app:

The Layar app:

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