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We've been working closely with Layar since their global launch in August. During that time we have developed dozens of Layars around the world for clients such as European Directories and MTS. We have an excellent understanding of the underlying technology.
Our services include:

Layar Project Delivery

Planning a Layar that will meet the future needs of your business.

Consultation: We're happy to consult with technical or non-technical partners on project delivery without using impenetrable jargon.

Need a proof of concept? We can create a POC layar within 5 days.

Peace of mind: We are recommended by Layar themselves.

Layar Design

We can customise your Layar to seamlessly tie-in with your brand.

Layar Hosting

We offer a hosted Layar service with a management interface.

Our dedicated servers are located in Telehouse in Docklands, London (UK).

Use our tried and tested framework to rapidly deliver your Layar project

Layar Management

A management application for your Layar.

Layar Advertising

Want to get your Layar App featured? We can help with that.

We will soon be offering in-app advertising (augmented reality billboards) for our existing Layars.

We are a young start-up with ambitions to become the premiére provider of Layar solutions - the fact Claire Boonstra, the co-founder of Layar recommends us is something we are very proud of:

We can highly recommend AugmentReality for developing layers. They are one of our most preferred Layar content creators. Their CEO Howard Ogden has proven to fully capture all the possibilities of the Layar Platform by developing some of our most popular and inspiring layers. It is not without reason that their "Beatles Magical AR tour" is featured not only on our website and presentations as one of the most interesting Layar cases of this moment - but also in many blogposts and articles on the world's most renowned websites like Gizmodo and Engadget.

Claire Boonstra
Layar co-founder
VP Content & Community

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