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Layar loading

The Basics

About Layar

The Layar Reality Browser's main function is to overlay data onto a real-time camera feed on your mobile. The data displayed will be relevant to your local surroundings. There are already many types of layers showing many different kinds of points of interest (POI), one layar might show coffeeshops, or another one shows the location of tweets. Anything that can be geotagged (given a location) can be displayed in the Layar browser.

Getting Layar

Check the links in the footer for access to the Android Marketplace and iPhone App Store. You can download Layar onto a compatible phone for free from there.

Layar listing

Using Layar

Home Screen

When you load up Layar on your mobile you'll see the home screen with 5 tabs:

Favourites | Local | Featured | Popular | Search

Under each tab you will find a list of Layars for that category. By default you will always have the Layar local search application under favourites. This is a really useful app written by Layar that's connected to Google. You can search for anything in the Google Local directory. This is a great starting point - try it out in your town for "restaurants" - see our case studies for Layar section for more details about this application..

The Local tab is a new feature of version 3.0, it's particular good for finding hyper-niche local Layars - for example many universities have "Campus Layars" showing where different faculties are located - so layars like this will show up here. Our very own Beatles tour shows up in the local tab if you are looking at it from London or Liverpool.

The featured tab contains a listing of the Layars that the guys at Layar find particularly interesting. Often new layars are promoted here for a short time. The popular layar tab contains a list of approximately 25 of the most popular layars right now. If you don't find what you are looking for try using the search tab - once you find a layar you particularly enjoy you can add it to the favourites tab for quick access.

Reality View

Once you choose a Layar from the tabs you'll go straight into Reality mode. Here's some screenshots (with the video-feed removed for clarity) of what to expect.

Anatomy of Layar's Reality View

Layar 3.0

Version 3.0 of Layar hit the Android marketplace on 1st December 2009, it's the biggest leap forward yet for our favourite augmented reality browser. The AR Beatles Tour Here's a run-down on some of the new features: