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Our Layar developers and Layar development team can help you deliver your Layar project. We offer three choices for your Layar plans:
i) We configure your existing server to host Layars
ii) Our hosted service utilises our dedicated Layar servers in Telehouse @ Docklands, London. We provide a management interface for your data (to add/edit POI).
iii) If you have an API or XML data feed with geocoded locations we can create a webservice to interface between your API and Layar

Please fill out this form outlining your project requirements and we'll get right back to you.

Your Layar concept includes* 
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Video POI:
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* Standard POI are the circles or small graphic (55x55px) you see in most Layars now. As of the most recent version POI can now trigger links to audio and video content. With version 3 of Layar there is now the ability to render 2D and 3D images in Augmented Reality.