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Use Case: Layar Local Search

Layar LocalLayar listingLayar action menuLayar map view

Layar Local is the first and arguably the most useful Layar available. We're going to use Layar Local Search to search for restaurants - we could search for anything from this directory service: Plumbers, Gas Stations, Stores the list goes on. When we load up the Layar we are presented with a screen labelled "Filter Settings" (1st image above). The great thing about searching with Layar is that your location is already pinpointed via GPS, so we simply enter "restaurants" in the search box then we set the search radius - anything from as little as 100 meters up to 10Km. When you click "apply" you will be presented with a new screen - The Reality View - showing a real-time video feed from the camera on your phone (2nd screenshot above and detailed description of the Reality View below). You'll see the radar fill up with dots indicating that there are POI within the range. If not - increase the search range at the Filter Settings screen again (and check your spelling). The filter settings are available at any time by touching the radar or the gear wheel icon. Each POI has an action menu - you access this by touching the information section at the bottom of the screen (i.e. where the Restaurant name and address is listed). The action menu here has three options: "Call this spot", "More information" or "take me there". Actions can include links to mobile web pages, audio, video, email - all kinds of stuff! The 4th image above shows a different view type offered within the Layar Browser - Map View - and that is simply a Google Map displaying all the POI. Layar found 32 restaurants within a 2km radius.

Reality View

Anatomy of Layar's Reality View